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Today I want to highlight the wonderful people of Saskatchewan and Alberta. Throughout our trip we have had so many people come up to us in restaurants and hotels and talk to us about our trip and our fundraising. We have had daily donations from most of those that we have met. But the donations and support that have received in these two Prairie provinces is overwhelming. We have had donations come from all sources, which go directly to finding a cure for Diabetes. As our president says, ” if we can put a man on the moon, why can’t we find a cure to this terrible disease”.

In the last two days we have rode from Christopher Lake, SK to Meadow Lake, and on to Bonnyville, AB.

We have been escorted, and assisted, by the club’s and club members across this region. We have had device and support by the local people and the dealers. We have had dealers come out at night to find parts and stay open late to service our sleds. One dealer took parts off one of his new sleds, to repair one of ours, that had a serious mechanical issue.

Thank you to everyone so far, that has made our journey to Alaska become a reality. And of course thank you for contributing to our be fundraing.

The Alaska Team

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