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We finished the Michigan Loop today on perfect trails. Left Newberry at 8:45 AM and arrived at Sault Ste. Marie at 11:00 AM. 16 riders rode a total of 1267 miles in 9 days starting at the Soo, looping to Copper Harbor and back to the Soo.
We only had trouble with one machine overheating and one rider had to be pulled out of a snow bank.
Thanks to all the groomers who volunteer and keep the trail system in great shape. We had a wonderful ride thanks to each of you. HAPPY TRAILS UNTIL WE MET AGAIN

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Vicki made “The Official”. “MichCanSka Snowman”

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Another perfect day. We have set a departure time of 8am, for this ride and have stuck to it. This makes it easy for everyone to be ready and not question, “what time are we leaving”. This is a great group for being ready to leave, usually a few minutes before 8. Today was a time challenge, because our lunch so was only 80 miles, and would not open until 11. So, we decided to make a little detour…….. Turned out detour ended up being 50 miles, hahaha. Arrived at lunch at 12:15. At least we were not early!

Attached are three pictures of our day. The first is Saint Josaphat Ukrainian Catholic Church, in Sifton MB. This is just one example of the many beautiful rural churches that we have passed in Manitoba.

The next picture is a roadside attraction in Garland MB. This Vickers Viscount belonged to Air Canada, and was sold when it was no longer required by them. It eventually ended up here as a lounge. I have also attached a picture of the airplane, during it’s active career.

The third picture is our group arriving in Saskatchewan. Note how Hughie has parked his sled. This is not a first for Hughie.

We had a lovely dinner at the Black Bear, where we shared the birthday festivities of one of the local residents, including Cake and Ice Cream.

I think the ride highlight for everyone today was riding through the rolling prairies around Swan River. If there is anything close to riding a roller coaster it is these hills. You are able to sail along at full throttle and gently ride up and over each Crest. What a great day!

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