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MichCanSka Gaspe 2023!

February 18, 2023.

What a beautiful day to end our adventure!!! We ended our trip on the same overlook where we started (just beautiful)! Six days of amazing scenery, suspension bridges, smooth trails, good weather and great friendships renewed and formed. The Gaspé should be on every snowmobilers bucket list!!

Thanks Linda, for keeping track of our days and posting these articles.

A note from Hughie……

I really enjoyed leading this trip, Linda is correct, that this area must be experienced. It really is a beautiful area to snowmobile.

We had three new members join us on this ride. And I was happy to see all of them behind me the “day” I got stuck.

Sorry that one of our riders had a mechanical failure, but happy it was easy to get him back to the road, and on to his truck.

Sorry that it took so long to post this last article, my own adventure continues, as I am currently in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada’s Eastern most province, experience what they have to offer, those who prefer snow instead of beaches!

Until next year……. Hughie

A Chilly Day!

Friday, February 17, 2023

Our coldest day of our trip (until tomorrow). It was in the single digits this morning. It didn’t get much warmer. Also we had wind and snow.
Enough of the bad news… the riding and trails were in excellent condition. We stopped at 4 different snowmobile clubs to rest/get warm and visit with each other. Rode 145 miles. The “fast” group rode more than that because they took some sight-seeing excursions. As we were coming into Matane, Quebec the clouds broke for a beautiful sunset. Tomorrow we will ride to Point a la Croix, where we started from, load our sleds and start the journey home.


Best Day Ever!

Thursday, February 16, 2023
Another day that will always be remembered as amazing and one of the best snowmobiling days, ever. We are in the Chic-Choc (pronounced “Shick Shock”) mountains of Quebec. We were anywhere from sea level to 2000 feet and enjoying amazing views. We were nearly blown away when at 2000 feet. We crossed a suspension bridge that only one sled at a time could go on We could feel it swaying in the wind. Had a late breakfast at a snowmobile club. The friendliness, the service and food is so appreciated. We are all trying to learn some French. The group we rode with did 145 miles and the “fast” group rode 200 miles. So blessed to see these sights.

It was warm today, plus 45f (6c). Floyd dressed fairly lightly for today’s ride.

Grant and Steve have left the group. Grant had a coolng issue with his sled that couldn’t be easily fixed. He found a bus that got him back to his truck and was able to spend the night with us at the hotel.

Tomorrow we continue riding the north coast of Gaspesie, still in the Chic Chocs. Snow is forecasted, so we don’t expect to be able to view the Grand vistas that we had today.

I first heard of the spectacular riding in the Gaspe region from a good friend that came here with his family. And was he correct….. Some of these hairpin turns hug the side of the mountains. Really makes you wonder how the groomer does it, when even riding your sled makes you queasy.

A really great day!

February 15, 2023

What a great day!

The scenery was outstanding. We saw Perce Rock out in the Gulf if St. Lawerence. Where we ate lunch we could look out and see the rock. Simply amazing! We went over the longest suspension bridge in Quebec! A little scary, but it was a fun thing to do. We were on a couple of plateaus that offered breathtaking views of the Gulf of St. Lawerence. Poor Grant had a breakdown and had to be towed in. Sadly, I think he is done for this trip. We are spending the night in Gaspe after a 125 mile day

Another beautiful day for riding our snowmobiles. We rode in two different groups and clicked about 135 miles. Lunch at another snowmobile club. Scenery is outstanding. To be riding and look out and see the Gulf of St. Lawerence is amazing. We are near Chandler, Quebec for the evening.

A message to all those snowmobile widow’s at home…….”We do love you……. Especially when you let us guys go sledding in February!

MichCanSka Trip to Gaspe

2/12/23 This was a travel day. We loaded up our sleds into our trailers. Some ended their snowmobile adventure for this year and began their journey home. Others headed west along the coast of the Gulf of St. Lawerence to Point a la Croix, Quebec. It was only an hour ride. Some unloaded their sleds and rode about 100 miles, enjoying the snow. Some stayed back and rested up for our next adventure.

2/13/23 First day in the Gaspe! Beautiful weather and scenery. I don’t know if Hughie will ever live down his epic trip down the ski hill!!! The trees are loaded with snow reflecting the sunshine. Stopped at Mont Carleton lte’e snowmobile club for lunch. Some of us are doing our best to read the menus in French, others are using Google Translate. Sometimes we get a surprise with what the waitress brings to us!! We enjoyed either a 60 mile or 100 mile ride (for those who rode in the afternoon), on smooth and wide trails. Great day ended with a great meal. Staying in Carleton Sur Mer tonight!!

The beautiful sunset!!

Today we had a great day of riding in the Christmas mountains. Where even Santa says……. Stay to the right, and buy a trail pass! The local trails all named after Santa’s leaders, were spectacular!

Left the hotel in Bathurst NB this morning around 9:00 with 12 riders. We rode to the Super Village Snowmobile Club near Belledune NB for lunch. There was a really beautiful lookout that we visited about a half a mile from lunch. After that we split into three different groups and went our separate ways. Our group of six headed back the way we came to the hotel and ended the day with approximately 100 miles, for a trip total of approximately 861 miles for me. It was a great last day of riding for the trip! We are staring the trip home tomorrow. I am very thankful for a great week of riding, but I am ready to head for home.

We left the hotel in Bathurst NB this morning around 8:00 with 9 riders. There were a few different groups of riders today. We rode to Mt. Carleton Provencial Park for lunch and fuel and then headed back for the hotel. Our group rode about 176 miles today, for a trip total of approximately 761 miles for me, so far. We had about 9 inches of fresh snow today so it was a fun and different experience to ride in the powder. I was also able to cross a bucket list item off today when we came across a moose today in the wild. It was another unbelievable day of riding in this beautiful country!