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Hughie, Grant, Dave, Randy, Pete and Tyler left Hoyt Lakes about 8:30 this morning and traveled 198 miles today to International Falls. Did a lot of riding on Lakes and rivers today so we were able to knock out the miles and got to our hotel by 4ish. Now to relax, have some dinner and rest up for tomorrow.

Today is the last day for some of the riders and a couple new ones will be joining us. We left Tower MN. and rode to Hoyt Lakes MN., where the ongoing Riders will be spending their night. We continued to Two Harbours and arrive around 1 pm for a farewell luncheon at Culvers. It was fun having the big group for the first week, and we really did cover some of the best trails and sights that MN has to offer.

We welcomed Grant Poll and Tyler Pattullo to the group and after lunch we got back on the trail and headed back to Hoyt Lakes. There are multiple ways of accessing the Iron Range area from the North Shore trails, and it allows us to enjoy new trails for the complete ride.

As you can see Tyler was looking at downgrading his sled today. Also, just outside Hoyt Lakes, Pete blew a belt, and it caused a bit of a problem by getting wrapped up behind the primary, We decide to tow it into the Motel and work on it there. No issue completing the repair and getting some dinner and getting the laundry done. Tomorrow is Saturday and it looks like some freezing rain in the forecast.

Dee Ruggles

Dee- She joined the Michcanska Club in 2014 and sits on the Board of Directors. You always know when Dee is around as she has a big smile and contagious laugh. She is a “Yama Mama and one of the Alpha Chicks”.

Tom and Sandy are from Dorr Michigan. They have been riding over 50 years. This is there 2nd Michcanska Ride. Love the scenery, the trail bosses taking us to places they would never see and all the fun people who are part of this!

I forgot to mention yesterday, that Hughie got stopped by the DNR trail police. They wanted to make sure that his insurance and registration and trail permits were current. And they were!

This was our first cold morning of the trip. And it was cold. – 25 C. C is for Canadian…… Not sure what the equates to in F. We decided to make a later departure, and let it warm up a little. Glad we did. Even then there was one sled that needed a jump start. We headed over to Eveleth for lunch. A great spot. The trail we chose was closed which caused a bit of an issue getting to the restaurant. But Between Hughie’s knowledge and Pete’s GPS, we got there.

The parking lot of the hotel, looks like a sea of Snowmobiles!

Altogether about be 100 miles

Jazzy Pattullo

My name is Jazzy Pattullo, I’m 13 years old and I’ve been riding for roughly 10 years. This is my first Michcanska trip and I’m raising money for Youth For Christ. My favorite part about snowmobiling is not getting stuck.

Jim has been riding since 1969 and Linda since 1972. They own Leones Polaris Dealership in Peru IL. This is there 3rd Michcanska ride. They love that snowmobiling takes them to places that most never get to see.

Mike Pattullo

Mike has been riding since very little. We call him the “snowmobile whisper” as he has been great at teaching his two kids how to ride(Jazzy and Matthew). Mike has been working hard this trip keeping Pete (trail boss) in line:). Mike “thinks” he is boss of Trail Boss! OK… maybe he is….. at times?

Dave Gentry

Dave Gentry – Vice President of the club. Dave has been part of Michcanska since started in 2009. This is his 12th ride with the club. He has been riding for 35 year and Rides a SkiDoo. He is the jokester of the group. He is not clueless he is “keyless”!

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