George, Mike and Matthew

At 13, Matthew is our youngest member to ever participate in one of our rides.

Face Plant # 2

Matthew finding out how deep the snow is.

Deep Snow

Matthew found the snow is deep. Took a while to dig him out.

-17 F

Extreme cold this morning. -35 F wind chill. Some of the sleds didn’t want to start. Headed for Cochran today to see the polar bears. Then on to Smooth Rock.

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200 miles

Awesome adventure for us yesterday – day 2. Chapleau to Timmins.
We found a way to turn 165 miles into 200. Chest deep snow, 2 degrees F, stuck several times. 12 hrs on the trail. In by 8:00 pm. 👍

150 Miles

Arrived safely in Chapleau a last night. Extreme snow conditions. Several sleds got stuck along the way. Our support truck is still stuck in Wawa. Hoping they can catch up to us by tonight. Heading for Timmons today – 166 miles. Will be considerably colder. About zero. Windy so the wind chill is -18. We’ll post more pictures tonight.

The provincial police closed the highway. Our support truck can’t leave Wawa.