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Today we rode 200 miles, which seems to be the minimum, for each day so far.

I’ve attached a picture of a stop at one of the many warm up huts that both the Manitoba and Saskatchewan trail system have. These huts are great. Number one, is they are available as an emergency source of shelter, but also as a great rest stop. Most have a toilet, wood stove, wood, battery powered light system, chairs, place to hang up and dry out your gear. Tomorrow’s plan is to stop at one for our lunch.

The second picture was a trail issue that we ran into today…… There were a few places today that had huge areas, of water that had covered the trail and turned into ice fields.

The third picture is of our team member and truck and trailer support driver, Dave Gentry. For those that haven’t rode with us, we usually have at least one support driver that follows us along to carry our gear, and some spare parts, and can pick up a broken sled if required. This really helps out and allows the rest up the group to move along. It is also very nice to arrive at your destination and find your bags already inside the hotel lobby. The group covers the cost of the vehicle and out of pocket costs of the driver. The driver himself donates his time. It’s kind of a neat way….. To come along on the trip for a participant that may not feel up to riding in a particular year.

Dave is 67, Retired from the Michigan State Police after 25 years of service. He was one of the original group that rode to Alaska in 2010. Is always nice to see Dave’s smiling face greeting us as we arrive at our destination.

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