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Another chilly day today. Started out at -23. But warned up. This is the perfect time of year to ride. Cold mornings, but nice tempature during the day.

We left Gimli on a trail that was just opened. They barely have enough snow here to ride. We rode to Ashern MB, fueled and then headed to The Narrows for lunch. We had to purchase a tool for Hughie to change his Carbides. As you can see in the pictures, Hughie’s has a problem steering…… His sled ended you where it shouldn’t.

The afternoon was a challenge, we had 80 mile to complete the day on closed trails. We mannaged to find our way through…… Not sure if all of our riding was completely legal, but no damage to the sleds. The general consensus from everyone, was that is was a great day!

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We are all at the Quality Inn at Newberry. Great day on the trails. The Michigan Loop riders will finish the last leg of the trip tomorrow with more than 1200 Miles. Thanks for following our trip and donating to Diabetes.

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