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Video Summary of our ride through OFSC District 17. Special thanks to Lanny and Kim Cross for all your help and hospitality!

(click on the “HD” logo in the upper right hand corner for High Definition version)

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Chase Vehicle Report

Carl and Betty in effort to find the riders for lunch went into While River to try and locate a wi-fi service.They went into a Esso service station and the owner invited them to his desk and his computer to try to locate where the MichCanSka riders were. Wonderful Canadian corporation. As we proceeded to Dubreuville the old TomTom gave us wrong directions and we were on a road that was not wide enough to turn around. We went 7 miles out in the country and we got rescued by a local who turned us around and led us to where the group was gasing up.

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Alpha Chics

We left Hornepayne this morning and the temperature was much warmer than yesterday (23 degrees). We had wonderful trails except thirty miles from WaWa where we encountered white out conditions. We are spending our last night of the scheduled trip in WaWa. A Great Big Thanks to all our loyal viewers and to all that have donated to Diabetes Research. We completed 2,212 miles today. Pictured is four of the seven Alpha Chics.

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