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Water Hole

Things were going great today but we ran into a snag. On Trail A about 10 miles East of Opasatika we encountered a water hole. Upon surveying the situation our trail guides decided it was a little too deep so we had a MichCanSka Adventure and made our own trail down the pipe line. The snow was deep but almost everyone made it with out any problems.

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Wrong Turn

Oh No who could be stuck? Dave who? The macho side of his brain was writing a check that the snowmobile side of his brain couldn’t cash…. Way to go Mr. Secretary!!!!

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Moonbean Snowmobile Club

Our first stop this morning was for breakfast at the Moonbeam Snowmobile Club. We met some wonderful people and they fed us well. This is the groomer that has made the trails this morning for us PERFECT…

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Grandpa Jim

Every morning we pack up our gear and take it to the trailers to be transported to the next stop. Here is Jim Adent wishing his grandson Logan was here to help him.

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