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Today was the day our group split into two groups. Eight of our Brothers and Sisters decided to go back a few days early for various reasons. We had a broken sled and a few physical problems and work was calling the rest. We all had a safe ride today and are at our destination tonight. Eleven of the riders (+ one support truck and driver)  decided to stay in the Nakina Area and ride today, we will be riding  to Hornepayne, Ontario tomorrow. The other 7 riders (+one support truck and driver) rode down to Hornepayne today. The Satellite tracking page has been updated to show which participants are riding with each group.

I want to thank all the MichCanSka family for pulling together for the past two weeks through the good times and bad. We’ve  raised  money for Diabetes Research and that is our goal.  Thanks to everyone that has supported our trip and has donated to Diabetes Research so far. Please Donate Now, every dollar helps! (some of you have questioned the donation link because it says “Virtual Roster“, this is just the company DRI has utilized to collect online donations for the past several years for all their charity events)

God speed the rest of the trip for all.

Group 1

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Getting Warm

Warming shack on the trail. We stopped and built a fire to warm up. It is only 1 degree outside and the fire felt great.

Thanks to Gabby and Dorene for guiding us today and donating $200.00 to Diabetes Research.  A Great big Thank-you Country Kitchen for a wonderful lunch and a donation of $100.00 to DRI.

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Left out in the Cold

No room for everyone. The rest of the group is in the warming shed.

100 2092

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Break Time

After a long day on the trail it is good to take a break.

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