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Today is the last day for some of the riders and a couple new ones will be joining us. We left Tower MN. and rode to Hoyt Lakes MN., where the ongoing Riders will be spending their night. We continued to Two Harbours and arrive around 1 pm for a farewell luncheon at Culvers. It was fun having the big group for the first week, and we really did cover some of the best trails and sights that MN has to offer.

We welcomed Grant Poll and Tyler Pattullo to the group and after lunch we got back on the trail and headed back to Hoyt Lakes. There are multiple ways of accessing the Iron Range area from the North Shore trails, and it allows us to enjoy new trails for the complete ride.

As you can see Tyler was looking at downgrading his sled today. Also, just outside Hoyt Lakes, Pete blew a belt, and it caused a bit of a problem by getting wrapped up behind the primary, We decide to tow it into the Motel and work on it there. No issue completing the repair and getting some dinner and getting the laundry done. Tomorrow is Saturday and it looks like some freezing rain in the forecast.

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Dee Ruggles

Dee- She joined the Michcanska Club in 2014 and sits on the Board of Directors. You always know when Dee is around as she has a big smile and contagious laugh. She is a “Yama Mama and one of the Alpha Chicks”.

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