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March Already! When we first planned this trip, I suggested that we do it at the end of February, and of course the problem could have been an early melt. But that we have not had. The Snow conditions are great .

Today we split into two groups. Pete led the first group up to Grand Marais and back. On the way back he rode some local trails and had a few great viewing opportunities. Miles for these guys was 100.

Hughie took the long haulers up to the border and back riding some of the great trails up at Grand Portage. Unfortunately there is a connecting piece of this route that sees very little groomer activity…… So we had 20 miles each way of back breaking bumps. Because we were doing 2 night stays, we did not have our gear with us, which made it a lot easier, on the humps. Miles for this ride 230.

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Randy Belliel. Been a Snowmobiler for more than 40 years. MichCanSka member for 12 years and completed the last Club trip to Alaska. He is currently running as the SWEEP for the MN ride. Thank you Randy for keeping the group of 18 riders together!

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Trail Boss

Pete Pattullo- Trail Boss, Safety Chief, GPS Master and Gadget Guy! Pete has been riding 55 years and loves to coordinate these events. Thank you Pete for always keeping us safe!

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Hughie- The leader of the pack, Scout, Boondocker, and borderline crazy:). He has setup great stops, meals and trails. We can’t wait for rest of trip!!! Big thanks to his wife for letting him go on trip! Hughie is also the reigning 2022 MichCanSka Uker Co-Champion!

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