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This morning we left the Northshore of Lake Superior and headed northwest to Iron Range country. Our first stop was up on Tofte Peak, an easy to sled to overlook just a few miles from the hotel. Probably the best viewpoint of the trip.

A long ride to lunch. We had all of our lunch stops planned ahead so that they could easily accommodate us. After lunch we rode the Lake trails into our hotel in Tower.

Our hotel in Tofte was the AmericInn. A great place to stay and sled from.

In Tower we are staying at the Fortune Bay Casino. Another great place to sled from.

Our trail from Tofte to Ely is known as the Tomahawk Trail. Not sure it would ever have been called that, if they named it today .

I’ll post a video from the top of Tofte Peak next

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Matthew Pattullo

Matthew Pattullo – He has been on one ride before this one with Mishcanska. He is 16 and his favorite part of riding with this club is helping people get unstuck….Uncle Pete! Matthew has a tendency to collect things along the trail…see picture below.

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Julianne MacLennan

Meet Julianne (Julie!)

Julie has done 3 MichCanSka rides to date. She has been riding 50 years. She was a Yama Mama this year! She works hard in the background to keep her brother Pete (Trail Boss) in line and gives him (Pete) grief for trying to get everyone fed and back on the trail at lunch!

Julie was our correspondent on this trip and worked hard each night getting a little info on each rider. She rode the first five days of the ride and could always be found handing out some Jack Links Treats. I’ll ride with her anywhere!

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