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Day 10

Planned route for Day 10 (Tuesday, Feb 25th) – from Carleton, QC to Chandler, QC

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We have had to cross many bridges. On Saturday we had to cross the largest snowmobile bridge in the world. It felt like we were at Cedar Point. Today we had many smaller bridges but most of them were swinging bridges. You have no choice but to cross them because that is the way the trail goes.

Day 9 sunset

Sunset on Day 9

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Gas Stop

When 19 sleds have to gas up and there is only one pump it takes a while. We use this as break time.

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Appalachian Mountains

Can see for Miles and Miles and Miles

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Riding in the Mountains

We had a beautiful ride in the mountains today. We rode through the Appalachian Mountains. The Appalachian Mountains that start in Georgia come through the Gaspe. We saw a Moose on the trail and lots of Deer. The trails are very challenging….

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Snowmobiler of the Day

Bill Bradfield…. Bill is the founder and President of MichCanSka. Bill has six words that describe how he feels about the extreme riding that MichCanSka does and that is: Dream It – Plan It – Do It……..
That is how our trip to Alaska came about.
Bill lives in Cadillac, Michigan and drives a Ski-Doo

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Ferry Ride

We rode the Ferry on Sunday night from Baie Comeau, Quebec to Matane which is on the Gaspe Peninsula. The ride took two and a half hours. We are ready to start our adventure on the Gaspe starting Monday morning. Dave Gentry, Jim Adent and Joe Polambo will be joining us when we get off the boat. We broke ice all the way across the St. Lawrence river.

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