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Day 3….. Sandy is getting ready to leave. It is a beautiful morning. 4 degrees at 7:30 and we are off for our adventure today…..

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Not a good place to be but we were all running out of gas and the map showed us to travel down this road or the next gas was 50 miles. We had already come 91 miles but when we came upon these huge logging trucks we decided to turn around and take our chances on the trail. Some of the riders carry gas and we needed it to get to the next gas stop. All turned out well and we made our motel in Chibougamau in 173 miles. The temps today were much warmer than we have had in the past two days.

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Snowmobiler of the Day

Dave Greene is the Snowmobiler of the Day. He is our oldest rider (79) on this ride. He lives in Lindwood, MI and rides the same Yamaha that he rode to Alaska on our historic ride in 2010. Dave is always there to lend a helping hand and is one our Crossing Guards.

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