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Our planned route for Saturday, Feb 22nd, 2014

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Morning View

This is what we saw when we woke up this morning. Watching the sun come up over the mountains was a treat. Breakfast finished and we are on our sleds at 8:30 with the temps at 20 degrees.

photo 1

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Top of the Mountain

This is from the mountains in the background from the previous post.

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Our Team

Hard to describe the beauty we are seeing today. Everything is going good for all the riders and smiles can be seen through the helmets. We traveled 111 miles today on perfect trails.

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Snowmobiler of the Day

Betty Pattullo…..Betty drives a Ski-Doo and lives in Caro, MI and today is a very special day because she became a great-grandma today..for the second time..
She is one of the Alpha Chics that rode all the way from Michigan to Alaska in 2010..If anyone needs food or snacks on the trail we can count on her having her sled packed with goodies

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