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Warm Sleds World Tour

Our sleds were kept nice and warm last night at the Duberuiville Relay thanks to Pat (the owner) and his heated barn.

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World Tour

Rule #1, stay on the trail!

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Tuesday Feb.10,2015

We stopped for our first break of the day and Sandy got into the deep snow and had to have some help to get out cause she was stuck. She is such a good sport and we all had a good laugh.

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Alpha Chics

Three Alpha Chics are on this ride. Betty, Sandy and Pat. We are at Mt. Arvon which is between L’Anse and Big Bay. This is the highest point in Michigan.

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Which Way to Go

Duane and Garry are checking the map to make sure where we are going. We arrived at Scotts Superior Motel in Ontonagon this afternoon. We had great trails and the temp was 23 degrees. Weather man is calling for 5 inches of snow tonight.

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