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Best Day Ever!

Thursday, February 16, 2023
Another day that will always be remembered as amazing and one of the best snowmobiling days, ever. We are in the Chic-Choc (pronounced “Shick Shock”) mountains of Quebec. We were anywhere from sea level to 2000 feet and enjoying amazing views. We were nearly blown away when at 2000 feet. We crossed a suspension bridge that only one sled at a time could go on We could feel it swaying in the wind. Had a late breakfast at a snowmobile club. The friendliness, the service and food is so appreciated. We are all trying to learn some French. The group we rode with did 145 miles and the “fast” group rode 200 miles. So blessed to see these sights.

It was warm today, plus 45f (6c). Floyd dressed fairly lightly for today’s ride.

Grant and Steve have left the group. Grant had a coolng issue with his sled that couldn’t be easily fixed. He found a bus that got him back to his truck and was able to spend the night with us at the hotel.

Tomorrow we continue riding the north coast of Gaspesie, still in the Chic Chocs. Snow is forecasted, so we don’t expect to be able to view the Grand vistas that we had today.

I first heard of the spectacular riding in the Gaspe region from a good friend that came here with his family. And was he correct….. Some of these hairpin turns hug the side of the mountains. Really makes you wonder how the groomer does it, when even riding your sled makes you queasy.

A really great day!

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