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On our recent adventure we tested a new product to improve our safety riding in a group. We tested the Motion Infinity Bluetooth Helmet Audio System by UClear Digital, we installed the units on 5 of the 9 riders in the group.

Overall the UClear Digital’s Motion Infinity model fit our Club’s criteria, especially with their full duplex DynaMESH intercom technology, allowing unlimited amount of units (riders) to connect and extend the range from front to back of a group of riders. Communication was on the most part clear, and understandable, even at higher speeds. The ability for the group leader and/or sweep to communicate incoming traffic & hazards and problems at the back of the group allowed the group to ride safer and minimized delays and keep the group moving toward its destination each day with minimal confusion or delays. To view the full review (click here)

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We successfully and safely completed the 8 day adventure through northern Maine and New Brunswick, Canada. We did have challenges with support truck breaking down, two sleds needed repairs. With this type of adventure, navigating can be difficult at times, but we never got lost had to back-track more than a mile (once). We did have two close calls with Pete and Floyd, but fortunately no injuries or sled damage. Check back as we will be posting more pics, video’s and more over the next couple of days…. Thanks for everyone’s support and there’s still time to donate to your favorite Diabetes charity!

Early morning departure from the Homestead Lodge near Oxbow, ME after an excellent breakfast of french toast, sausage and coffee… Thanks Murray and team!

Beautiful white capped mountain while heading to Jackman, Maine

The coyote was REAL!

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We crossed back into the USA today at Fort Kent, ME and stopped for the night Homestead Lodge in Oxbow, ME. Tomorrow is the last day of this adventure. We will be heading back to Jackman, ME

Eddie’s spare gas tank on his Yamaha fell off, 10 bolts later, we got it fixed! glad it was not 20 below…
Pete Pattullo had a mishap today, he rolled his sled in a sharp corner! The only thing he broke was his Pride and Flag… fortunately!
We crossed a lot of unique snowmobile bridges on this adventure, here is one of them,

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We take breaks about once an hour while riding 6 – 8 hours a day. Here Don is taking a nap or something??? “DON WAKE UP…. IT’S TIME TO GO AGAIN…”

This was actually pretty tall hill on a powerline, I decided to climb, next thing I know, everyone else joined me, including Heather…. wow
Eddie and Tim getting ready to hit the trail after lunch at the Moose Valley Sporting Lodge, we like how Tim color matches Eddie’s Yamaha!
Great Trails!
Eddie’s Yamaha growing a pair?

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Here we are in front of the Atlantic Host in Bathurst, NB (this is a snowmobiler’s hotel)

We started the day in Bathurst, NB with Brad Mann, President of the Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations. He graciously volunteered to guide us thru trials, snowmobile clubs and points of interest in this region. New Brunswick did not disappoint! this area’s trail system was one of the best I’ve witnessed in the 16 states and provinces I’ve snowmobiled in the last 20 years. (Pete Pattullo)

George Pattullo will be 80 years old next month!
Too big a hill to climb?
Santa and his brother rode with us again this year.. Here is Santa standing next to his likeness we found along the trail
Lots of snow turtles up in the trees in this area of New Brunswick
Lots of SNOW here in Northern New Brunswick, Canada
The snowmobile clubs in this region are like community centers with restaurants and social activities

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The rains in Miramichi finally ended and changed to snow at noon, we had to take a direct route to Bathurst…
The rains in Miramichi finally ended and changed to snow at noon, we had to take a direct route to Bathurst… we leave for Campbellton, NB in the morning…
Don, Don he’s our man, If he can’t make sure nobody gets left behind, no one can… He’s the sweeper!
Got into Bathurst at 4:30, fortunately the rain turned into snow as we headed north from Miramichi, NB. We leave for Campbellton, NB in the morning…

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Lunch in Doaktown, NB at D&L Restaurant
short video at Lunch, notice Moose in background
Unfortunately, the support truck broke down and crawled into Doaktown, NB where we were having lunch. They had to get a flat bed tow truck to load the Dodge and pull the support trailer to Miramichi, NB to get fixed
Santa’s brother “Carl” playing and cleaning floor mats from their support sleigh in a puddle along side the road…
At each break (we stop about once an hour) little snowmen magically appeared today
Temps in the 40’s today
Showing our colors…..

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Hotel in Sherman, ME in the early morning
Canadian Customs at Woodstock, NB… Border crossing was a real challenge, after clearing Canadian Customs, we had to go back on the same trail we arrived from the US and take a trail directly to Canada. Note we are now on Atlantic time zone

Everyone made it safely to Fredericton, NB tonight…

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We all met up at the Moose River Lodge on Saturday night, This was a great place to start our adventure. Special thanks to Kim and Shawn for their hospitality and being great host.

Beautiful day on the trail, 8 riders rode today with no issues, we leave in the morning for New Brunswick, Canada

We get asked a lot about our flags, we use it as a conversation starter about our charity, its our brand and not only safer, but help us quickly locate each other in a busy area.

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Jackman, Maine

Good morning, Everyone ha successfully and safely arrived in Jackman, ME from Michigan, Ontario and Texas. We are at the Moose River Lodge and the owners Kim and Shawn have been GREAT! Nine riders will be leaving in the morning for Sherman, ME. Wish us luck and prayer.


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